Dead Woman Walking … like a Zombie

This is exactly how I feel. My days are slow. I feel that I have so much work to do in school but because I needed to pay off tuition, I had to come in to work almost everyday this week which is really unusual as I only show up 2 – 3x a week. Sometimes, once a week if I’m lucky.

I’ve been only able to get 3-6 hrs of sleep and am up early the next day to come in to school and if lucky, get on my day then rush back to Toronto to work. It started snowing today. The first sight of snow. Winter is finally here, back again. Seemed only like 5 months ago when it just left. Lol, all I can think of is holiday gifts. Haha!

My schedule is full especially on Dec 13th, which is work at 1:30 – 9:30 only. December 14th which is officially my last day of school for this semester, which means I have my last lab class at 8-9:30am, a holiday buffet with my work colleagues at downtown Toronto then later with my mom and sister to York University for a small party that I’m invited to.

I also have to buy 2 gifts, one for work, and one for school as we promised we’d exchanged gifts..all part of the holiday season. It seems like fun anyways.

I just got a Lab exam later on today so wish me goodluck. Then I’m off to Square One to meet my youngest sister for this Gala Event and hopefully home to write my Cybernation Project on GPS. Also, to study Business Math, work on my Accounting Assignment and then study Chapter 10-13 for Marketing.

Doesn’t even feel like I’m off. =(

You know you love me,


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