Dental Hygiene

I am finally booked with a good dentist in my neighborhood this Saturday so I’m excited. I was able to get my dental forms from school and am now eligible to actually have the time to go in for a dental whitening. I’ve been wanting the invisible braces to fix my teeth, but we’ll have to wait and see. Here are some tips I thought that might be useful for everyone out there:

* Clean your tongue as part of oral health regimen.
* Chew gum to stimulate salivation, especially one sweetened with xylitol.
* Choose cinnamon flavored gum to help decrease oral bacteria.
* Avoid “ketone breath” from eating low-carb diets by adding a few healthy carbohydrates.
* Remove food from between teeth and under gums with floss and water irrigator.
* Don’t panic: a number of people who think they have halitosis do not
*Brush your teeth, cheeks and gums with a chlorine dioxide toothpaste.
*Use a hydromagnetic irrigator.
*Wash your mouth with a stabilized chlorine rinse.
*Sip room temperature water or mint lemon water.
*Avoid alcoholic or caffeinated drinks as they dry your mouth.
*Use a mouth moisturizer or a saliva stimulant to keep your mouth moist.
*Eat fresh breath herbs like parsley, dill, basil or peppermint.
*Place a mint pouch in your mouth — it’s good for 3 hours of minty breath.


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