Human Sexuality Assignment

So this is my final paper that I need to submit. I know, topic is a little weird to some viewers of my website but it’s just my online general elective course that I am taking up this semester and will be done by April 18th and I’d really like to hear what anyone out there has to say. I’d like if anyone is comfortable leaving a comment on your thoughts, ideas, opinions about it. Don’t be shy. Just spill it all out. Ready? Here are the questions:

  1. The authors of the textbook indicate that religion, science, and media all influence the way we think about sexuality. Which of these three influences you the most? What kinds of sexual values in television programs have the greatest influence upon you?
  2. You are visiting your married sister and her family for the holidays. Her six-year-old asks you a question: “why do mommies stay home with kids?” Drawing on the knowledge you gained from Chapter 2, how would you answer this question? Which ideas about parental investment, social learning, or social norms/scripts would you use to explain why, in most cultures, women perform the child-rearing activities?
  3. Among the Yoruba of West Africa, younger women may not travel or engage in trade, but older (postmenopausal) women may. Among the Wennebago of North America, old women sit with men; they are considered the same as men. In some cultures, then, women gain in freedom and status after menopause. Does this happen for most women in Canada? Are there variations among ethnic groups –for example, Asian, white, and First Nations Canadians – in the way a postmenopausal woman is viewed and treated?
  4. Outline some of the key issues surrounding the question of male circumcision, making references to relevant research studies.
  5. Discuss sexual arousal from a cross-cultural perspective, citing specific examples.
  6. You have been in an intimate relationship for two years. You find you are getting bored with your sexual activity. List 5 things that could make your sexual relationship more satisfying. How would you communicate your desire to do each of these to your partner?
  7. Define homophobia and discuss ways in which it may be manifested. How could homophobic attitudes be altered or changed, if at all.
  8. Define sex reassignment surgery. Is it an appropriate treatment for transsexuals? Why or why not? Why should a person live as a member of the other gender for a year before having the surgery done?
  9. Considering the predisposing causes of sexual disorders, what are the implications for parents who want to raise sexually healthy children? Could parents do certain things that would avoid or prevent sexual disorders in their children?
  10. Define Child Sexual Abuse. Apply the four theoretical views of sexual assault to child sexual abuse.

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