got jeans?

I’m going shopping tomorrow and am planning to get some really good jeans. I remember when I turned 13 and spent $110, which back in the day, was expensive. Do keep in mind, Im 26 so that was over 13 years ago!!! Wow, saying that just makes me feel OLD. Geez! But anyways, I loved that black pair of Diesel Jeans. So now, I’m going to get a good pair because I simply deserve it!

Here are some jeans I’d like to get tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever liked skinny jeans on me. Because personaly, it just shows the shape of my hips. Haha, I only wear them during the winter with boots or uggs to keep warm. I do like however a little bit of flair. And no to high-waisted jeans. That style just does not suit me. At all! So, tomorrow off to Marciano for jeans!

Let me know what you think.


One thought on “got jeans?

  1. Neal says:

    I prefer the second pair, but probably because they hi-light the bum.  lol

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