Negativity is not an option at the moment

With everything going on lately, it seems like everyone is struggling and having a bit of a rough time especially with the global economy falling down right before our very eyes.

I remember Mary Angelou’s poem “Still I rise.” It’sa good poem, full of sassy optimism. It’s tale is of a woman who has stared her demons in the face, and said “enough. I choose freedom.” It is dripping with life experience. It’s as if she is saying to her detractors, “I may be disappointing your low expectations, and your self limiting beliefs, but get over it. I’m here and I’m done with fear.”

Right now I’m sure everyone’s obstacle is staying in the “happy place.” I personally have come a long way but my biggest challenge at the moment is steering clear from people’s negativity. I have made a personal resolve that I intend to create my dream career where I feel inspired and fufilled. Alot of the petty things they are complaining about, I just can’t bring myself to care anymore. Ideally I’d like to bring them up to a higher energy level, instead of me being dragged down.

First of all, like all of us, I am still learning each and everyday. There’s so much about life I don’t know and I’m struggling daily to figure it all out. It’s an inspiring, soul-searching process, but it’s amazingly fulfilling. I received a great quote in which Lucy Maud Montgomery says, “It’s such an interesting world. It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we knew it all already, would it? There’d be no scope for imagination then…”

I found these links online and want to share them with you:

I made a choice to create my own future and it is still this day that I realize that there will be nights like these, that nothing goes right. Only you can make a personal transformation and truly rise from all the negativity. You have to take control and uplift your spirit, of course, with the help of my supportive friends and family, was I able to find a resolution amidst all the negativity. My new-found positive attitude is what I bring with me everywhere I go and I hope it is a part of me, that would influence people to want to be happy and positive in the present moment.


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