People often judge us too fast without having to think twice. They tend to assume something that we may or may not be. Sometimes it might be the truth, and usually at the end, someone ends up getting hurt. But they continue to stick to what they know best and continue misjudging or misinterpret people simply by their cover or physical appearance. Not too long ago, I had known a few people who expected me to act or be a certain way, and it was very difficult not being me. In the past, I was not given certain privileges simply because of this and it made me despise who I am. No matter where I was, whether in Dubai or Canada, people assumed the worst of me. A part of me being asian was somewhat considered a minority. It was tragic that people thought this way and most of them seemed very narrow-minded to even learn more about the culture and beliefs I was brought up with. Anything confusing to them, was a foreign or a strange thing and unfortunately, I knew a few who just did not want to get to know me, simply because of this. But, it is not my loss.


It was hard growing up with such thoughts about oneself. But confidence does bring out the best in you. I started realizing my strengths and weaknesses and started to focus in myself, my future, my family, my friends. From there, I sought to be positive and appreciate the small things in life. I see everything as a balance. Friendship for example, is a two-way street. If people do not meet halfway, then what’s the use? If there is no such thing as trust, respect, compassion and mutual understanding, then there is no reason for getting to know such people.

I hate losing friends but then again, why would you want to call these people your friends when they simply did not have the time to know you on your worst for you to give them your best? I am a quiet person that leaves a lot unsaid it takes time for people to realise who I really am and what I’m about. The only people who achieve this are those who choose to stick around.

Time to stop labeling people. Stop misjudging them for who you think they are. Acceptance heals everything and smoothens the obstacles that we face in every relationship which makes it last forever 🙂


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