TEN things I wish I could say to different people right now:
1. your potential is daunting.
2. let me figure you out.
3. you’re a disaster.
4. go away.
5. you’re the reason i hate girls.
6. i miss you.
7. you make me happy.
8. the world does not revolve around you.
9. see you on friday.
10. thank you.

NINE things about me:
1. i’m a neat freak.
2. i love sarcasm.
3. i love getting inside people’s heads.
4. i love art, photography.
5. i have long hair now.
6. i want to go back to dubai.
7. i love horse back riding & dolphins.
8. i like you.
9. i’m so stubborn.

EIGHT things that cross my mind a lot:
1. being in dubai
2. work. i want to go far, beyond the distance
3. i need to make up my mind.
4. graduation. dec 2010. its my freedom
5. i want more clothes.
6. why are people so dumb?
7. i’m such a nerd sometimes.
8. love gadgets. always looking for the next best thing.

SEVEN things I wish I never did/regret:
1. open up.
2. stress.
3. care.
4. worry.
5. think so much.
6. say so much.
7. did so much.

SIX turn offs:
1. arrogance.
2. laziness.
3. ignorance.
4. bad drivers.
5. immaturity.
6. lack of determination.

FIVE turn ons:
1. blue/grey/hazel eyes.
2. musical/artistic.
3. funny.
4. good style.
5. intelligent.

FOUR things I want to do before I die:
1. go all over Europe.
2. go swimming with dolphins.
3. write a book
4. be very successful.

THREE people who mean the world to me:
1. my sisters
2. my parents
3. my friends

TWO people I call best friends:
1. Chiqui
2. Ziyad

ONE person who completes my world:
1. mmmmmm.


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