Breathing into Reality

There was a time in my life all I did was talk, crave, live and breathe Dubai. I’ve lived there my entire life and it’s home to me. Always has, always will be. But I realized a few things. People were changing, my friends were no longer the same, I was changing. I longed to be there, see it for myself and maybe come to a realization that I left for a reason.

And that was today. I realized that I was the one mostly keeping in touch with friends or people who no longer were people I recognized. They had either turned 180 degrees or were doing the same thing they kept doing 3 years ago. They still had no future goals to achieve something greater than what they are. And once I realize that’s not in you, I tend to walk away. I like to surround myself with positive people, those who strive to reach their personal and professional goals, those who crave to go beyond they no longer can.

I realized I was moping around too much or feeling a little negative that I traveled here, because adjusting to a new country and leaving something that you’re so used to, leaving a place you’ve grown up at at the age of 23 was not easy. Friends back home seem that it’s easy. They think it’s not a big deal. But one can only experience what I’ve gone through if they’ve stepped into my shoes. Moving, finding new friends and living in a country where everything was different was not only exciting but scary. Even till today.

People here on the other hand, have a heart. They’ve experienced life the hard way. Of course, it is very hard to find true friends but they’re here nonetheless. I just kept missing dubai for no apparent reason. Maybe coz it’s home and have been but it’s just not for me, not right now.

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