Secret United Arab Emirates torture tape

In the United Arab Emirates they know what real torture is. And they know that what we call torture looks more like juvenile fraternity initiation rites.

Want proof? Consider this secret videotape from ABC News. It shows a member of the UAE’s royal family torturing a man with electric cattle prods, whips, and wooden planks with studded with nails.

Torture is hard work, so he’s ably assisted in his efforts by a helpful police officer who binds the victim’s arms and legs and holds him down while the Sheikh literally pours salt on his wounds. Then, in the coup de grâce, the Sheikh runs over his victim him with an SUV. Not just any SUV, mind you, but a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

The UAE Ministry of the Interior said, yup, you got us on this one – that was the brother of the country’s crown prince performing the torture.

Even worse, they seemed to excuse the torture by saying, “The incidents depicted in the video tapes were not part of a pattern of behavior.” But the most frightening part of the statement was that “all rules, policies and procedures were followed correctly by the Police Department.

So do us a favor. When you’re around us, don’t refer to the school girl crap that we do to terrorists as “torture.”

Source: ABC News

What a shame! To torture a poor guy over some grain. A sheikh who’s got millions and millions of dollars. He loses more money in casinos. I wish it was possible to line up all such sheikhs and shoot them! They are disgrace on Islam, on humankind. They spend thousands of dollars on Western b*tches, but can’t show mercy and kindness to fellow Muslims!

For the ABC story please click here. There is also more of the raw footage of the torture tape available here. Not for the weak of heart. Get an Imodium ready before you slick that second link. It’s noteworthy that the Royal prince’s brother was the director of this torture and uniformed police where the ones administering it. Clearly, the UAE is not the paragon of an enlightened Islamic state many of us thought it to be.


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