Happy Canada Day

On July 1, 2009
Canada will celebrate it’s 142nd year since Confederation.
Before 1982 Canada Day had been known as Dominion Day, First of July, Confederation Day, and July the First.

Canada Day celebrates the events that occurred on July 1, 1867, when the British North America Act created the Canadian federal government. The BNA Act proclaimed “one Dominion under the name of Canada,” hence the original title of the holiday, “Dominion Day.” Dominion Day was officially renamed “Canada Day” by an Act of Parliament on October 27, 1982. This change reflected the policy of successive governments to down play Canada’s colonial origins.

Canada’s national celebration is always observed on July 1, unless that date falls on a Sunday, in which case it is observed the following day.

Fireworks and Picnics are part of the celebrations!
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Happy Canada Day!

To all my fellow Canadians!

I hope you enjoy the day with family and friends and remember what a great country we have!

Ways to tell whether a Man is in Love

1. He’s in love when he starts to regularly pick her over his friends.

2. When he suddenly appears to be overjoyed, happy or he seems different. When he seems to be more alive to his family, friends.

3. When he’ll her keep feminine stuff in the house. Suddenly he’s proud to have feminine decor. He’ll want her in his life in every way.

4. He’ll start taking better care of himself and he’ll start to think about long term. Financially, physically, or in every other way.

5. He’ll go out of his way for her.

6. If he really wants one woman, it doesn’t matter who else he can have because he wants to be with her. Other women aren’t a threat when he’s attached. A lot of temptations go away when you really fall hard.

7. When he thinks about her all the time, when he does thoughtful things for her, or when he’s always thinking of ways to please her.

8. Suddenly he feels like he can stop looking around the corner for someone else.

9. When he’s willing to do something out of character to please her. He never thought of having children or getting married, but with this woman he is willing to do all of the above.

10. She won’t have to ask. She’ll just know it in her gut.

Why Men Prefer a Fiesty Woman

  • When you banter with a woman, and she can give it right back to you, it’s a turn-on.
  • When a woman can put him in his place. If he’s being a jerk to her and she brings it to his attention, it makes him respect her.
  • The childlike qualities in men propel to take advantage. It’s a god thing to know the woman you love won’t put up with it.
  • When a woman won’t play games. Her confidence says that she must know something he doesn’t.
  • When a woman is really sweet and nice, it can become monotonous.
  • If a guy thinks a woman is stupid, he won’t take her attention that seriously because he doesn’t respect her opinion. If she’s really smart and appears to have her act together, they are more flattered that she wants to be with him. They feel they have something of value.
  • When men try to get away with doing something they know isn’t right and a woman says “I don’t have time for that” it can be a turn on. It depends on the situation, but men likes a woman who has the integrity to stand by what she believes.
  • When a woman has that spiciness about her. She isn’t afraid to disagree or tell him what she thinks.
  • A man respects a woman who won’t tolerate being treated badly.

– Why Men Love Bitches

Top Things That Turn Men Off

  • When a woman is too materialistic
  • When a woman is jealous.
  • Mystery is important.
  • When a woman doesn’t have a life, or a job. Or a messed-up credit. Or an old boyfriend who’s a nut case.
  • When she makes him look bad in front of people.
  • Let him do his own thing for half-hour. Acknowledge his presence and give him a kiss and don’t immediately drop what you need on him.
  • A woman shouldn’t let a guy who she is centering her world around him. That’s a little too much.
  • No one likes to be with a drunk.
  • Never let a guy know you’re sitting home waiting for his call, or that he’s your whole life. He also likes knowing other men want you, just as long as you’re not sleeping with any of them.
  • When a woman chases you.
  • When she asks you to report back to her. That’s an instant turn off.
  • A woman should never show unannouced, both at his work or his home.

Male Views on Keeping the Romance Alive

  • A guy needs to always feel that he’s desirable to his wife/girlfriend.
  • Do something different in bed. Anything. As long as it’s different than what he’s used to. Th element of surprise is a turn-on.
  • Late in the evening you’re so exhausted. The daily grind can really take the passion out of a relationship. You have to make time for each other.
  • People use the excuse of money, time to stop being intimate or romantic. It’s important to keep the passion.
  • Men like a women to be creative so it doesn’t get stale. If she’s too predictable because you talk about the relationship all the time instead of going out and having one, he’ll get bored quickly.
  • If you have time apart even when you’re living together. It is important to be able to do stuff alone and not have her give you a hard time about it.

– Why Men Love Bitches

Top Reasons Men Play It Cool

  1. Guys want women to think that they have other options with women, even when they don’t. So they exaggerate. They do it to make themselves look more attractive to a woman.
  2. Sure, men play it cool. Because they think the woman is going to find them more attractive or appealing. I know some guys that check out a woman who isn’t even that beautiful, just to make his girlfriend a little insecure.
  3. Guys don’t want to admit it to themselves that one woman can have that kind of control over them. It deflates their egos to think that women can affect them that much. They don’t want to feel like they have no control over themselves.
  4. They don’t want to give the impression that they’re too eager.
  5. Guys are just emotional as woman are. They don’t show it because society says you aren’t supposed to. As a guy, you have to appear to be in control of yourself.
  6. When she acts like she doesn’t care, it can scare you. Women can crush men and they don’t even know it. If a woman puts her foot down and walks away? It can crush a guy…
  7. If a man is really falling for a particular woman, a lot of times he’ll try to conceal it. Very few men will ever break down and cry over a woman in front of her.
  8. Of course men play it cool…to get women interested in them. We want woman to like us and don’t want them to think we are too eager. If you show you’re too interested right off the bat, women will think you are desperate.
  9. Sometimes a few men ignore a women in the beginning, or won’t call as much to keep a woman’s interest. No guy wants to look desperate.
  10. Men are needier sexually. Women can control their sex drives, whereas men are controlled by theirs.
  11. Guys do it to appeal to women. Mist guys believe that nice guys finish last and that women on some level want a bad boy.
  12. If you appear weak, people take advantage of you. Some men think if you open too much, a woman will use it against you.

Top 10 Signs that a Woman is Needy

1. If a woman doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, she comes off as less emotional and more appealing. It makes the relationship go smoothly. So when a woman gives you room to live your life without getting upset, you’ll feel she’s adding much more to your life.

2. A woman who’s quiet at times because then you’re not sure what she’s thinking. She’ll seem more secure with herself, like she has control over herself and her emotions. You want to be with a person who can think before she speaks.

3. Some women seem defensive or guarded, and that can be viewed as insecurity, also.

4. No guy wants to feel like he’s paying for some other guy’s mistakes.

5. When a woman needs constant reassurance about everything. Her family, her fiends, er job.

6. The conversation is part of the companionship, but it isn’t everything. Women overdo talking about feelings. If it feels like you’ve run out of things to talk about, that’s not a good thing. There has to be a balance somewhere in between.

7. When they try to get men to talk about their ‘feelings’ more. Hey, they can deal with their own problems and more likely to close up even more.

8. It makes men happy when a woman lets us go out with the guys and has no attitude about it. It wins the men’s respect. It feels like she is secure with herself, and she cares about what makes him happy, too.

9. When a woman who talks less is more attractive because it makes her more mysterious. It is not a good thing to ramble on. Communication should be about quality not quantity. If a woman is uncomfortable or bothered, he should be able to feel it without her saying a word.

10. When a woman wants the two of them to always be together. When she tries to change how they spend all their time. Every guy has his own special time or recreation. Or when she is obsessed with changing him, it gets old. Men want women who has a sense of purpose in her own life, so she doesn’t waste all her energy trying to control his.

– Why Men Love Bitches