F*ck Men!

I drove home with a song in my heart. The trails and tribulations of the weeks before had vanished and I felt reborn, revitalized. So what if he is doing this? It’s his problem and not mine. I don’t need him. I am a strong, intelligent woman who came from a long line of similar women. What did he matter to a woman like me?

Driven with the desire to forge ahead, I began planning my new life and career. It was time I put down roots, time I bought my own home. If I hadn’t wasted all that money buying stupid party dresses so I’d look nice for him, I’d practically have my deposit money now. Well, it wouldn’t take too long to replace the extra cash. If hard work and long hours were all it took, I could manage that. I’d have a career, my independence and a place of my own. He can go hang!


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