Male Views on Keeping the Romance Alive

  • A guy needs to always feel that he’s desirable to his wife/girlfriend.
  • Do something different in bed. Anything. As long as it’s different than what he’s used to. Th element of surprise is a turn-on.
  • Late in the evening you’re so exhausted. The daily grind can really take the passion out of a relationship. You have to make time for each other.
  • People use the excuse of money, time to stop being intimate or romantic. It’s important to keep the passion.
  • Men like a women to be creative so it doesn’t get stale. If she’s too predictable because you talk about the relationship all the time instead of going out and having one, he’ll get bored quickly.
  • If you have time apart even when you’re living together. It is important to be able to do stuff alone and not have her give you a hard time about it.

– Why Men Love Bitches


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