Top Reasons Men Play It Cool

  1. Guys want women to think that they have other options with women, even when they don’t. So they exaggerate. They do it to make themselves look more attractive to a woman.
  2. Sure, men play it cool. Because they think the woman is going to find them more attractive or appealing. I know some guys that check out a woman who isn’t even that beautiful, just to make his girlfriend a little insecure.
  3. Guys don’t want to admit it to themselves that one woman can have that kind of control over them. It deflates their egos to think that women can affect them that much. They don’t want to feel like they have no control over themselves.
  4. They don’t want to give the impression that they’re too eager.
  5. Guys are just emotional as woman are. They don’t show it because society says you aren’t supposed to. As a guy, you have to appear to be in control of yourself.
  6. When she acts like she doesn’t care, it can scare you. Women can crush men and they don’t even know it. If a woman puts her foot down and walks away? It can crush a guy…
  7. If a man is really falling for a particular woman, a lot of times he’ll try to conceal it. Very few men will ever break down and cry over a woman in front of her.
  8. Of course men play it cool…to get women interested in them. We want woman to like us and don’t want them to think we are too eager. If you show you’re too interested right off the bat, women will think you are desperate.
  9. Sometimes a few men ignore a women in the beginning, or won’t call as much to keep a woman’s interest. No guy wants to look desperate.
  10. Men are needier sexually. Women can control their sex drives, whereas men are controlled by theirs.
  11. Guys do it to appeal to women. Mist guys believe that nice guys finish last and that women on some level want a bad boy.
  12. If you appear weak, people take advantage of you. Some men think if you open too much, a woman will use it against you.

One thought on “Top Reasons Men Play It Cool

  1. malcolm says:

    whoa.  easy with the generalizations and sexism, there.

    you make men out to be ego-maniacal, insecure sex-fiends…

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