Ways to tell whether a Man is in Love

1. He’s in love when he starts to regularly pick her over his friends.

2. When he suddenly appears to be overjoyed, happy or he seems different. When he seems to be more alive to his family, friends.

3. When he’ll her keep feminine stuff in the house. Suddenly he’s proud to have feminine decor. He’ll want her in his life in every way.

4. He’ll start taking better care of himself and he’ll start to think about long term. Financially, physically, or in every other way.

5. He’ll go out of his way for her.

6. If he really wants one woman, it doesn’t matter who else he can have because he wants to be with her. Other women aren’t a threat when he’s attached. A lot of temptations go away when you really fall hard.

7. When he thinks about her all the time, when he does thoughtful things for her, or when he’s always thinking of ways to please her.

8. Suddenly he feels like he can stop looking around the corner for someone else.

9. When he’s willing to do something out of character to please her. He never thought of having children or getting married, but with this woman he is willing to do all of the above.

10. She won’t have to ask. She’ll just know it in her gut.


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