Why Men Prefer a Fiesty Woman

  • When you banter with a woman, and she can give it right back to you, it’s a turn-on.
  • When a woman can put him in his place. If he’s being a jerk to her and she brings it to his attention, it makes him respect her.
  • The childlike qualities in men propel to take advantage. It’s a god thing to know the woman you love won’t put up with it.
  • When a woman won’t play games. Her confidence says that she must know something he doesn’t.
  • When a woman is really sweet and nice, it can become monotonous.
  • If a guy thinks a woman is stupid, he won’t take her attention that seriously because he doesn’t respect her opinion. If she’s really smart and appears to have her act together, they are more flattered that she wants to be with him. They feel they have something of value.
  • When men try to get away with doing something they know isn’t right and a woman says “I don’t have time for that” it can be a turn on. It depends on the situation, but men likes a woman who has the integrity to stand by what she believes.
  • When a woman has that spiciness about her. She isn’t afraid to disagree or tell him what she thinks.
  • A man respects a woman who won’t tolerate being treated badly.

– Why Men Love Bitches


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