Is this asking too much?

I want somebody to sleep with for the rest of my life and cuddle up during a movie on a couch, stay up all night talking about nothing, get lost in the woods together, challenge me, challenge him, talk about dreams, make dreams, make love in the candlelight, in the car, in the shower, in the woods while we’re lost, have fights, the kind that only really matter just as long as you’re having them, someone I can wrestle with, you know, play hard sometimes, and not worry about breaking a nail or an arm, a guy who will bring me flowers once in awhile, maybe a rock to or a shell of some sort, something he saw that made him think of me, made him think, ‘This might make my girl smiles’ as he smiles himself, a guy who wants me, maybe even needs me, just a little, enough to hold onto me with everything he’s got.


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