That time of year..

– There are family gatherings everyday & friend gatherings at least once a week..

– You compete with your friends on who will finish reading the Quraan first

– You see tents, big & small, infront of Mosques, houses, shopping centers.. everywhere..

– You are stuck in traffic jams no matter what time you leave the house/work/destination

– Supermarkets are crowded with people pushing flooded trollies & queues are as long as the eye can see

– TV channels competing with each other with their own set of series marathons

– Food, food & more food..

– You hear the recital of the Tarawee7 prayers ❤

– Suddenly, all the lampposts and billboards in the streets are featuring food advertisements (& this year, TV series advertisements)

– You start thinking of a menu of dish options to exchange with your friends and neighbors.. *yum*

– The days are calm & the nights are festive.

and most importantly,

You know its Remthan when you can feel it in the air..

Mabrook 3alaikom eshahar & May it be a blessed month ahead xo


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