Love Jewelry?

If you like jewellery, you’re going to love Silpada Designs! And if you love Silpada Designs Jewellery – how about getting some FREE?

All Silpada Designs handcrafted jewellery is the finest .925 Sterling Silver, no painted or plated fashion or costume jewellery. Complementing the beautiful Sterling Silver are colourful semi-precious gemstones and natural materials including Freshwater Pearls, Coral, tooled Leather, and much more. So, there really is something for every taste and style. Take a look at the collection online. When you’ve decided on those pieces that you just have to have… Contact me to place your order.

Want even more free jewellery? I can help you host a Silpada Designs Party. Our Hostess Rewards Program is one of the most generous in the direct sales industry. So, after a relaxed get-together trying on jewellery with your friends – no formal presentations, no pressure – you’ll be able to choose up to 30% of the total retail Party sales in free Silpada Designs Jewellery for yourself!

Silpada Designs Home Parties are so much fun! Maybe you’re wondering what it’s really like to have a job that involves going to parties, making new friends, and taking home immediate profit on every sale. You owe it to yourself to find out more about the opportunity to become an independent Silpada Designs Representative. Whether you are just looking for a way to get out one or two nights a week, earn a little extra income, or want to pursue the most fun, flexible and rewarding career imaginable, contact me to get started!

Each and every piece of Silpada Designs Jewellery is, in its own way, one of a kind. Individual Silpada artisans meticulously render each unique Silpada Designs creation and incorporate only the absolute finest .925 Sterling Silver. Their use of spectacular gemstones, natural materials and eclectic designs is what makes Silpada Designs’ line of handcrafted jewellery truly exceptional.

Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, Silpada Designs’ Co-founders, travel the world searching for and creating their own Sterling Silver Jewellery. This personal touch and attention to detail is what millions of Customers and Representatives love about Silpada Designs.

You can preview the collection here orĀ contact me and I can send you a catalogue.

Need a Translator?

He works as a freelance linguist and can translate any material in French, Arabic or Spanish, either written or spoken. He also have extensive experience in professional translation, editing, interpret, proof-read, do voice-overs and copy-write in any field, whether Law, Business, Marketing, etc.

He has the ability to communicate effectively in English, provide excellent quality service and will ensure that all projects are completely accurately and in a professional and timely manner.

Please contact Zahid at +1 416.882.7514 [Toronto, Canada only]

for someone in particular

i hate how hes got me walking and thinking backwards…
i hate how i always wonder how hes doin..
who does she think he is.. wondering around my mind whenever he wants..
why are my eyes fixed when he smiles… jaws dropped when he moves in rhythm..
i play the ‘miss cool’ act when hes around..
its annoying cuz theres still so much more to know..
why cant i fast forward and pause on the good scenes..
how do i look?.. is this shirt ok?… will he notice me today?..
his craziness has a sense of sanity to it..
his laugh is contagious… i wanna take care of him..
i need to stand out
will i get what i give?
this new chapter seems fresh and i cant tell of its outcome..
all that i know is that im eager to read on…