for someone in particular

i hate how hes got me walking and thinking backwards…
i hate how i always wonder how hes doin..
who does she think he is.. wondering around my mind whenever he wants..
why are my eyes fixed when he smiles… jaws dropped when he moves in rhythm..
i play the ‘miss cool’ act when hes around..
its annoying cuz theres still so much more to know..
why cant i fast forward and pause on the good scenes..
how do i look?.. is this shirt ok?… will he notice me today?..
his craziness has a sense of sanity to it..
his laugh is contagious… i wanna take care of him..
i need to stand out
will i get what i give?
this new chapter seems fresh and i cant tell of its outcome..
all that i know is that im eager to read on…


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