Beauty of friendship

Our destiny threw us together. Collectively, we have experienced the extreme joy, and deep sorrows that life offered. From mundane moments to the dramatic and surreal, we have a history. We had our hearts broken by affairs and mended through our friendships. We’ve known happiness and loneliness along with self-doubt. Inspiring and supportive, our conversations gave us hope and inner strength. We knew that together, as friends, we would never walk alone in our life’s journey. Yet, as individuals, we could not be more different.

The phrase “survive and thrive” became a perfect descriptor of our journeys as friends. Together we would navigate through some tricky times. It meant taking what life offered up and looking for opportunities, the joy, and the compassion in less than pleasant or less than perfect circumstances. We built the confidence to trust each other when life’s legendary curveballs were thrown because we had the willpower, support and courage to move forward together.


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