being let down

Sometimes we accept only perfection and unrealistic expectations. People often will let you down, will disappoint you, will not come through.

Being let down is the one “crime” within the realm of friendship that we have the most trouble with. Many friendships survive nonetheless, but some don’t. End of the day, it is not easy to shift gears just like that, to suddenly be formal and businesslike with someone to whom you were close to.

What is a friendship? Is it something based in a deep, sacred bond? Maybe. But can a friendship also be about enjoying talking to someone and spending time in their company? Do we maybe expect too much, so that when we are disappointed, we overreact?

A real friend would never…

Maybe, but what about somebody you have fun being with but who has flaws and for whom you are not an absolute top priority?

When others disappoint you, there is one question you should always ask yourself:

Is it really so bad, is it so unforgivably terrible, or is it just less than what I wanted?

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