the 'trust' factor

Sometimes my need to control does the most damage with respect to the issue of trust.

There is one important rule about trust: if you keep up regular surveillance as a means of establishing trust, you will never trust. Only by yielding total control, by allowing for the possibility of betrayal and seeing that it does not occur over time, can you ever experience trust.

A stark difference between maturity and immaturity is that the mature person will tolerate uncertainty. We cannot control everything. Often in life, circumstances do not work out as we wish, but they work out a whole lot better when the immaturity within us needs to remove all possible anxiety and destroys precisely what it seeks to achieve.

Letting go is about trust. Trust that even though you do not manage every aspect of your life, the world won’t collapse around you. Trust that in the end, people will like you rather than scorn you. Trust that if you let go, those who love won’t leave forever.


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