when they aren't exactly whom you wanted

Nobody’s perfect. You can’t expect them to be. That’s easy to say, but not always so easy to accept.

Often, we interpret the bad behavior of others as evidence of a character flaw, or even worse, an indicator that they are someone elss than what we had wanted: a disappointment.

People don’t change. They’re the unreturnable item you picked out at the store and brought home. They may gradually learn to act differently, perhaps even mature a little, maybe even see things differently. But they are who they are. We all want a perfect partner, someone we can always trust, who always puts us first, and is always there for us.

But there is an importance in recognizing this realization and then can we move on to a next stage. From this, it becomes possible to love this flawed person. It becomes possible to get past those times when he truly does act like a jerk. But the depressing realization is he has all these flaws. He is not completely what I wanted – is the absolute and necessary step that allows us to move past getting stuck forever trying to change whom we got.

With any long-term relationship, we do not see the person we love as perfect. We see them as flawed. Yet we love them anyway. We can be satisfied with less than perfect.


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