Rules for dreamers

Rules for dreamers to use in making your dreams come true:

1. Realize that nothing happens right away. Stay with your dream and live close to your beliefs.

2. Dreams usually don’t come about in the way that you first visualize them, so don’t expect them to. Be open to new opportunities and ideas. Reality is too complicated, and surprise is half the fun!

3. The only constants are your values. Keep compromise to a minimum on these even when they come disguised in nice named like team building, negotiation, or consensus.

4. Seek cooperators in your dream. Dreams rarely survive their origins without evolution to a broader ownership. Get your ideas out in the universe and see who they inspire.

5. Be as flexible about implementation of your dream as you are uncompromising on the values of your vision. Avoid tight planning, and don’t let your plan become an end in itself.

6. Money is never the main ingredient of dream achievement. Free yourself from major money needs insofar as it is reasonable and possible. The “if only I had the money” mind-set can result in neglect of other potentially more feasible approaches.

7. When you the get the blues – and dreamers do – don’t look forward; look backward. Looking backward reminds you how many dreams have actually come true in your life, while looking forward only reminds you of the obstacles you face.

Reviewing your history and tapping into your successes could b just what you need to help you forge ahead with determination.


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