The word “inspire” literally means to “breathe (life) into” something or someone; to “enliven.” Some people seem to be naturally full of vibrancy and that people find irresistible. Being an inspiring person is more than just being charismatic. It’s something from the heart. Good speakers know how to inspire people with words. Artists know the power in a song or beautiful image. Certain, special people know how to make those around them feel good about themselves and the possibilities they have in life. Hopefully each of us knows someone like that. If you don’t, that’s all the more reason for you to be that person.

Inspiration is the key to why people simply live. It has created the sense to set goals and challenges for ones’ self and more importantly the drive to achieve it. Inspiration has created the sense of hopes and miracles in the hearts of people from every walks of life. Since the time we arrived from birth, our parents have inspired us to learn, explore, and discover. Then we take on the world with ambitions and dreams knowing that we follow the footsteps of our idols. Then it finally comes the time where it continues on with us leading the way to not only be responsible but to also inspire the future generation to come.

Hope inspires people in life. “Tomorrow will be a better day” motivates me for living.


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