him: i made a terrible mistake. i love you. do you still love me at all?

me: i don’t know if i can sort of love you.

him: i can get by with a little bit of love for now.

me: that’s not me. I know how hard you’re trying. i’m not completely oblivious. and it would be so much easier if i could make myself forget. but when i look at you, i just feel regret and sadness.

him: that’s not a problem. whatever it takes. just tell me what to do.

me: i don’t know.

him: i’m realistic. i’m human. i’m not perfect, you said it yourself.

me: i know you’re not. but i was so in love with you and now i’m just so disappointed. and i don’t trust you anymore.

him: no, i’m so sorry. i want you to expect everything from me. you’re not going to get it but i am going to promise to try to give it. i love you.

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