| he had the last word |

He: That was weird.

Me: Yeah. Not exactly what I imagined.

He: No. I meant you flirting with a guy right in front of me.

Me: Come on.

He: Well, it’s a big deal to me. I want to be exclusive with you.

Me: Why?

He: Not exactly the response I was expecting. Because I care about you, that’s why.

Me: I care about you too, but that doesn’t mean we need to be exclusive.

He: Well, what does that mean? Does that mean you haven’t been exclusive? Then, who was it?

Me: It doesn’t matter.

He: I can’t believe this. Do you know why I work everyday? To pay for your necklace?

Me: I never asked you to do any of that. I’ve always been honest with you. I’ve always been the kind of girl that can never have an ordinary relationship

He: That’s something that you’ve talked yourself into.

Me: Love doesn’t work. And you trying to force on me, is screwing this up.

He: No! You screwing this up is what’s screwing this up. You can hide behind that crap all you want, but we both know it’s just a lame excuse. You’re afraid.

Me: This is why we should have just been buddies.

He: You wanna know why you don’t believe in love? Because you’re heartless.


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