It's a myth

Him: Could we split it?

Me: My pick. My treat.

Him: Alright. But I’m treating next time.

Me: If there’s a next time. We’ll see how the rest of tonight goes.

Him: We could go for a coffee, or a movie.

Me: Yeah, whatever simple.

Him: It’s funny because we met. We had a thing. Then dinner. Now coffee. It’s like we’re moving backwards. Maybe after coffee, it’s love after first sight?

Me: Love at first sight? You really believe in that?

Him: You don’t?

Me: I learned it at human sexuality class. It’s purely chemical. The high you get from perceiving someone romantically appealing is simply your brain responding to an endorphin boost based on visual stimulating of hormones.

Him: That’s very clinical. And cynical. It’s clinical cynical.

Me: It’s a biological response.

Him: So love doesn’t exist?

Me: Nope. I believe in dating and relationships. But love is a myth.


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