How to lose weight

Eat more! In less portions of healthy, low-fat foods rather than junk food. Eat more small chunks of meals, rather than 3 big meals.

Record What You Eat!

Make Vegetables a Major Part of Your Diet Plan.

Get a friend to follow the diet with you.

Grab a small snack before heading to restaurants.

Choose foods that are steamed, grilled, broiled or baked instead of fried.

Eat breakfast, and do not skip meals.

You have to exercise and eat healthier.

Try to limit water consumption to 10 glasses per day.

Exercise every day!

Consume things that have no calories, such as carrots, celery, water, broccoli

Practice good eating habits

Limit soda, salad dressing, bread/butter, rice, potatoes, pasta, large portions.

Eat/drink unlimited carrots/cucumbers/watermelon/green tea/asparagus (no sugar)

No eating after 8pm (let food digest for 4 hrs before sleeping)

Drink 8 cups of water

Have breakfast, less lunch, even less dinner

No rice/potatoes/pasta/bread (else, one cup/serving)

Avoid red meat/spicy food

Exercise non stop for 20 minutes or do a full hour workout of both weights & cardio (half hour each)

Elliptical for 15 minutes, then weights for half hour. End with treadmill for 15 minutes.

Avoid fruits after 5pm

No pop/alcohol/coffee/fruit juice (else 3 servings only in week)


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