You know what’s really amazing about a first love? It’s that when you find it, you’re still too young to know the feeling of a broken heart. You’re still too young that you have yet to build those walls that you’ll probably eventually learn to build someday. And I think that makes all the difference… Because that’s innocence right there. It’s that innocence that made you just fall freely into something as unknown as love. You give your heart to someone else for the very first time, that you leave nothing for yourself. You give the whole of it, because you haven’t lent it, or given a portion of it to anyone else before him or her. And it’s amazing and crazy that it’s also kind of stupid, but you couldn’t care less, right? And when it ends, it doesn’t really end, because what sets apart your first love from all the rest is that for once, you gave your all. And because you did, you can never really get it back the way it was, the way your heart was, when you first gave it away. I guess that’s why they say it never dies, you know? Because a piece of you just stays with your first love forever—whether or not he or she still cares.


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