Alberta Oil Sands

There is a critical need for all Canadians to raise their collective voices loudly at all levels of government to create a plan to close down the tar sand projects, implement an emissions tax on goods being produced offshore that are brought to Canada, transfer a significant portion of revenues from oil production into a national treasury, and work with Canadians to prepare for re-localizing the production of food, goods and services throughout Canada. They tore hundreds of acres of forest, polluted the water and air, killed as many wildlife as possible only to invest in something that will contribute to the destruction of a planet to benefit companies and themselves should be illegal. This is the most corrupt industry I’ve seen. They are destroying the very thing that keeps me and you alive and only thinking temporary, taking away our complete right to live a clean healthy lifestyle.

The way I see it is that the Federal Government is not interested in representing the people – it is representing the oil companies. We have now become an “oil state” and unless there are dramatic changes to occur soon, we will only experience significant downfall similar to other oil states such as Mexico and Venezuela in the past. They could have spent the money better on renewable resources. The only benefit I can see for the Canadian government would be that they are trading internationally, but there are still so many negatives, so many consequences to the bigger picture.

The oil sands are an act of terrorism in its own way to the earth and the oil companies should do it in a more environmentally friendly way or in a completely sustainable society. But since Ralph Klein and the government sold Canada’s oil sands to the States, they were selling it to the devil in the long run. It is the worst government act in Canadian history along with every other Alberta politician. The government is making money off these oil sands so they could care less about what it does to the environment.

Environmental activists in Europe have criticized oilsands investments by majors such as BP, Shell and Statoil, which they view as “dirty oil.” They see it as one of the most distasteful industrial wasteland and do not want to be associated with companies that are spewing more pollution.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that clear cutting, water pollution and overall destruction of massive amounts of land all have an affect on the flora and fauna of said region. Raising awareness of potential dangers of projects like this is what gets people thinking and brainstorming for solutions in the first place. I guess it was not for nothing that someone said, “behind every great fortune there is a crime.”


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