Article on Loblaw Corporate Social Responsibility

Loblaw has shown commitment to providing Canadians with a variety of good quality and healthy food choices to its consumers. As Mike Venton, Loblaw VP of Produce said “…A great place to work because of its ongoing commitment to providing colleagues with the tools, training and support they need…” to succeed in their roles. Loblaw has clear vision and direction and when they have a commitment to a plan, they know how to communicate and execute the plan accordingly. They seem to have a very dynamic environment with opportunity to participate in introducing huge changes.

It seems to be a great company to work with and has a lot of opportunities for growth. They have friendly staff that I feel are appreciated for their work and I’ve heard they have a wonderful benefits package, if they have been employed there for a long time. The company is going through a lot of change at the moment, and so far it has been going well. It will be a good place to do some cutting edge work. It seems to be committed to excellence going forward, which is a good change from the old culture of ‘good enough’. Senior leadership and management are focused and effective.

However, like any company of this size, favoritism runs rapid and it is extremely political as it has a clique upper management within the organization and thus the company continues to struggle with communication. Pay is only reasonable and they only get a wonderful benefits package if you’ve been employed for a long time. They have aggressive goals and timelines and with that comes stress that is implied at all kinds of structural change. Some stores tend to have a corrosive atmosphere. This is unknown whether due to store management not engaging colleagues, or whether the combination of collective agreement plus labor saving efforts and a tendency for information that is passed down to be inaccurate or changed is responsible.

They have gone to the extent of testing a Class 8 track run by hybrid technology in order to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Because they go above and beyond their line of work, they are definitely demonstrating ways of how they can provide their consumers with the best performance and economics they need.

In summary, their community involvement program is rated as exceptional. They support a variety of local and national charitable and community initiatives. Even employees take part in assisting these charitable groups and are Loblaw provides a $500 donation when an employee volunteers for more than 40 hours per year which, I think is a good effort in raising awareness. They also are the first national grocers to participate in a food drive campaign and donated over $800,000. They seem to have it in place and I believe that they are effective in becoming one of North America’s leading food retailers with an initiative and ambitious drive to succeed.


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