Ban Horse Slaughter in Canada!!!

This is one of the most disgusting and evil acts I have ever come across and hope farms such as Natural Valley Farms no longer exist even though they state that they follow the proper guidelines and regulations under the inspection of a vet from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It is surprising that it has received complaints in the past from anti-animal cruelty activists but has never found any problems. They should no longer be able to operate and continue their disgusting practices for human consumption. What are even more disturbing are the images of abuse and neglect. Breeders, horse owners and the racehorse industry needs to make regulations for the care of its horses after their racing careers or job are done because I see it as a selfish need.

The option is having these horses euthanized on proper farms. The wrong way about it is how it is being done. It is also causing the meat to be contaminated and have sanitation issues. It’s totally inhumane and even though it is done with most cattle, they should not have the animal conscious when it is slaughtered. An inspector should be present to verify procedures are appropriate.

These owners and employees who work for these horse slaughterhouses should be taken to court as they seem heartless as this is terrifying to find out what horses face before their final moments. They should be disciplined as appropriate for employee responsibility as it makes no difference to a Nazi concentration camp. Employees should have training and supervision. They should ban it as these horses face long journeys cramped in trailers with no food and water for thousands of miles. Unfortunately, some of these horses are already in a poor health condition and are no longer strong enough to make the journey that they simply set them loose to starve to death. This is an abomination and I personally think it is all about greed.

Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. People should come together and fight this horrible betrayal of such a graceful and giving animal. If people don’t speak out this horror show will continue. This abuse and torture needs to end immediately especially in Canada. Horses are not food. This isn’t inhumane. This is murder.


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