Genetic hybrids and Mythological animals

Pictures and footage of AMAZING CREATURES. We see all sorts of genetic hybrids in the records left by our ancient ancestors. Our human scientists are just now repeating history as “gods of the new age,” by creating hybrid creatures in labs.

Furthermore, many of the strange amazing creatures that were written off as mythology have now been proven REAL. The Kracken, a giant squid type creature was assumed to be nothing more than marine folklore… until a giant squid washed up on shore, that was as tall as a 6 story building (over 55 feet.)

And many scoff at the loch Ness Monster or Champ from Lake Champlaign… yet you can see from these pictures that we have captured and photographed many GIGANTIC sea serpents and land serpents.

Likewise, people disreguarded the biblical accounts of dragons and leviathon as mythology, as well as the accounts during the middle ages where people would stumble across dragons in remote caves/lairs. Yet the Chinese just recovered the remains of a huge winged reptile, exactly matching the dragon descriptions, from the sea, caught in a fishing net. That picture is in here as well. Furthermore, archeologists have recovered many Gigantic reptile skeletons, yet they refuse to admit they confirm the records of our ancestors about dragons, leviathon and other giant reptiles reigning on earth… instead they just call the dinosaurs, and dismiss all other evidence as mythology.

I could go on and on, but the point is that this is a HUGE STRANGE universe, and it’s time to climb outside the box and recognize that these phenomena are part of REALITY.


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