Making a Killing

How many people do you know who have been diagnosed with some kind of “mental disorder.” One that coincidentally requires a lifetime on drugs? Thirty years ago this was incredibly rare. Now in countries like the US and the UK, it’s so common, it’s practically the norm. What’s going on?

Over 40 years ago, leading psychiatrists have mapped out their vision of the future. Their plan? To create by the year 2000 psychiatrist drugs regulating every aspect of human behavior. The scary part? They fully understand the dangers of the drugs they sell. Their unsuspecting customers are left to suffer the consequences. It is a tale of deception that others find hard to believe but fatal to ignore.

One simple question could settle many discussions. What is the normalcy status of mental disorders? And what are the parameters of its determination? If the answer is “the majority of society” then what if the percentage is 55%, are they all abnormal? Who is going to benefit from this decision? Just those involved in the pharmaceutical industry, I tell you.

The pharmaceutical industry pushes thousands and thousands of new drugs every year that people are addicted to or that can get them killed or really sick. We’ve all known people who are on different medications for the past 10 years and who refuses to get off them.

They put poison in high fructose corn syrup and aspartame in food products, hormones, genetically modified corn grown from Monsanto seeds, and arsenic, prozac and fluoride are in the water supply. 85% of the beef industry is corn fed farm factory beef that causes e. coli and that same beef is cleaned with ammonia. Sometimes, people have to open their eyes and see how we are poisoned to death without our knowledge.

Anyone who works for them works for the pharmaceutical industry. There is so much information out there regarding symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of any ailment. Everyone should be aware and be able to obtain the truth about this particular field. Except it is not taught in schools. People are too naïve and twice as dependent on drugs

This is not science. This is effective marketing. They’re evolving into efficient marketing machines and business is booming that they make $330 billion every year. They skew the numbers and hide the truth and facts not just to people, but to sick people who need to get better. I can guarantee, without those drugs, the lifespan of Canadians will be much longer if these prescriptions were taken off the market completely. The food corporation, Monsanto, the FDA, have plenty to answer for the last 40-50 years.


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