How food affects behavior

Some of the factors that cause weight gain and obesity are unchangeable like genetics and age. But many are within your control and can be changed.

Between chemical cokes and cardboard in a box, it’s no wonder people go to the doctor and they advise you to take drugs to lower your blood pressure, your cholesterol for the rest of your life and prescribe half a dozen other drugs to offset the side effects. Be well by eating and drinking only organic or natural foods. Anything processed will kill you. Most diseases would not even happen if people grew there own good and got back to nature more. Nothing made in a laboratory is ever going to bring a person health.

The key here is not how much a person can eat but what they eat. Obviously eating burgers, fries and other fast foods is not going to do the body any good. But, by knowing the right foods, they can actually eat more and weigh less. A healthy body can be created by purchasing the right food.

And with so much of this information out there, you might be wondering if the government is looking into the connection of nutrition and behavior. There is very little financial reward for a researcher to find the cause of the disease and consequently, most of the research dollars go to the development of drugs to treat a disease because there’s a lot of money involved. Start thinking of the kids and start teaching them about nutrition. It can make a better home life today and adults to better excel in the world.


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