Right through me (Boys Version) Remix

She see’s right through me
how do you do that shit (3x)
how do you(4x)

We Work Together
We fought each other
dont ever leave me
dont ever doubt me
it was you who stuck with me through the rough times
ill be glad to call you all mine
I love you baby
thats what you tell me
I look at you
& you look at me
I dont ever hesitate to tell you your my juliet in this romantic movie
I love it baby
i aint go’n lie
we struggled so much
to just survive
how did we do it?
how did we manage?
through thick&thin
fixing the damage
I question myself for the answers to the questions thats always in my brain
damn the pain
I guess its true what they say about no pain no gain


lets start all over
to phase one
to be remembered
to be the one
were both not losers
we both won
lift this weight off our shoulders that weighs a ton-
-of stress, its a mess, i guess
i gave it my all
you gave it your all
dont want this blown up in proportions thats all
lets do this right
lets do this now
finish it right
no if’s or might
cause we up in this
we alright
cause baby tonight
im go’n bite
you gonna love it
you gonna want it
you gonna wanna be all up in it
when i do my thang
you do your thang
your gonna remember that you even sang.



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