Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients work together in your body, so it is important to achieve and maintain a proper balance. With these five vitamins and minerals, you can begin working toward the proper balance that will help clear your skin.

#1 – Vitamin A is the most essential vitamin for a clear complexion and beautiful skin. Imagine achieving the effects of a retinol cream without the harmful side effects. Vitamin A makes that possible.

#2 – Vitamin E repairs damage to the skin and slows the aging process. It helps keep skin hydrated, making it soft and supple.

#3 – Zinc helps the body absorb vitamin A, and helps regulate vitamin E levels in the bloodstream. Additionally, it helps the immune system kill acne-causing bacteria.

#4 – Selenium helps skin retain elasticity and helps anti-oxidants work more efficiently in your system.

#5 – Magnesium is important because balances your hormones. Hormonal imbalances are one of the primary causes of acne breakouts.

These five vitamins and minerals can be combined with others such as vitamin C to achieve the perfect balance for your particular skin type. Homemade mashed fruit facial masks and scrubs can also provide your skin with beneficial vitamins.


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