How the Cancer Industry Controls Women

You’ve already seen the headlines touting October as breast cancer awareness month. A zillion products are available in “pink” editions now, and gullible consumers snatch them up at retail outlets without knowing a single thing about where that money goes or even what percentage of their product sale is donated to cancer non-profits. (For many products, the amount donated is mere pennies, and much of the donated money goes to worthless cancer maintenance non-profits that have no interest in actually preventing cancer…) The level of hype and propaganda in this year’s breast cancer awareness month has risen to a new low. The American Cancer Society, as usual, appears to be absolutely worthless in all this, still failing to teach women the No. 1 way to prevent a whopping 77 percent of all cancers: Sunlight and vitamin D. The ultra-wealthy ACS non-profit, with all its ties to pharmaceutical companies and mammography machine manufacturers, still refuses to openly urge women to prevent breast cancer by getting more vitamin D through nutritional supplements or sensible sunlight exposure. In fact, the organization continues to warn people away from sunlight, actually contributing to the mass vitamin D deficiency that’s now rampant in western nations (including the U.S., Canada and the U.K.). Vitamin D deficiency greatly reduces the body’s ability to halt the growth of cancer tumors. That’s why higher amounts of vitamin D circulating through the blood have been shown again and again to dramatically reduce the growth of cancer tumors, keeping them in check and preventing a breast cancer diagnosis. Over 75 percent of all breast and prostate cancers could be avoided through vitamin D therapy alone. Amazingly, the American Cancer Society appears to have no interest in vitamin D. How could it be that this cancer-centric non-profit wouldn’t be interested in a free therapy that could eliminate up to three-fourths of all future cancers? Shouldn’t this be the No. 1 headline around the world during breast cancer awareness month? Shouldn’t the ACS be screaming this fact to anyone who will listen? But of course not. In my opinion, the American Cancer Society has no interest whatsoever in actually preventing cancer. In my view, it is only interested in promoting the screening and treatment of cancer because that’s what makes money for the financial supporters of the ACS. In fact, the ACS recently restructured its own priorities to focus more on screening and treatment, and less on cancer prevention.


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