Funny Road Signs

Caution, drunk people?

Monkey Crossing
Keep your eyes open for monkies in Nevis, an island in the Caribbean Sea close to the Virgin Islands.

In Mexico, where there’s sand, you’ll find snowmobiles? A snowmobile warning sign in the middle of the desert in Baja California, Mexico.

An ‘Extraterrestrial Highway’ sign in the U.S. state of Nevada. State officials renamed the highway in 1996 due to reports of flying saucers being seen in the area. The name change was recommended by the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

Although they look friendly, Hippos are extremely dangerous and drivers should beware.

Bike collision
If you’re looking at this sign and not ahead of you, you’ll probably get hit by a bicycle.

I’m not sure that turtles are this fast or that they can even read. Tutle caution sign in Snow Canyon State Park, Utah.

This sign is probably responsible to some serious traffic jams due to people stopping to study it.

A highway notification sign with two arrows pointing in either direction in Death Valley Park, California.

A place to take a moment and ponder your life at a fork in the road in Vanrhynsdorp, South Africa.


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