Things you never know about pregnancy until it's too late

Between doctors, baby books and family lore, you’d think pregnancy would be a breeze for every expectant mother. Yet, somehow, we all seem to find a few things that no one bothered to tell us about. If they did tell us, we never knew it would be quite as bad as they suggested.

1) Food

Every baby book in the known universe covers cravings and aversions. Foods you enjoy may no longer seem palatable. Foods you used to dislike may seem to delicious. If only it were that easy.

2) Cramps

During the second trimester, your doctor may start to warn you about “round ligament pain.” This is normal, you’ll be told, and is simply a result of your ligaments stretching under the weight of your uterus.

What they won’t tell you is, sometimes, “pain” means “burning, searing, ripping sensation.” As you get closer to and ultimately enter the third trimester, the pain can become so intense that you can’t walk. If you’re unfortunate enough to experience it, you’ll be told it’s perfectly normal and to wear a “maternity belt.” These are actually commercial torture devices: first you’re tortured by the price, then by how uncomfortable they are. Save yourself some trouble and stay in bed.

3) Sleep

During pregnancy, your body needs all the energy and rest it can get. Your doctor will remind you of the importance of sleep and stress that you get 8 to 10 hours per night. Your hormones may make it difficult to sleep (or stay awake), but make sure you get enough.

Pregnancy is a roller coaster when it comes to sleep.

4) Anticipation

If there’s one topic that is covered ad nauseum by all pregnancy-related establishments, it’s the anticipation during the final few weeks. You’re almost done with the long, exciting ride. While everyone means well, and tries extraordinarily hard to put into words the frustration of the expectation, I never knew how bad it would be until it happened.

5) Forgetfulness

No surprise, right? Everyone knows pregnant women are absent minded. But I don’t mean forgetfulness during pregnancy.


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