No excuses, no lies, and no broken promises.

In life sometimes we run into relationships which may be unequally yolked. Unequally yolked is a term meaning that sometimes a person may bring way more to a relationship or friendship than the person on the other end. This may happen in a variety of ways, for example, one person may never make time in a relationship for the other person in the relationship until the time is convenient enough for them. Symptoms of an unequally yolked relationship include but are not limited to lies, broken promises, and excuses of why a person can’t make time for the other person participating in the relationship.

If you ever realize that these symptoms are taking place in a relationship or friendship you have with someone take heed and be very cautious. Chances are if you are not important enough to spend time with, not be lied to, and to not be given broken promises on a consistent basis to this person at this time, you probably never will be important enough for this person. There must be better friendships or relationships that you haven’t found yet, in which you will be treated with the utmost importance.


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