Consumer, Cleanse Thyself

We all know bathing is essential for proper hygiene, did you know you can give your insides a once-over as well? Cleansing or detoxing twice a year is a great chance to help your body deep clean its essential systems and remove toxins. If you’re feeling overtired, experiencing sluggish digestion or just generally feel you need a ‘sprucing up’, you might want to consider a short cleanse. Some people may experience mild to moderate side effects (primarily tiredness and headaches) during the first few days of a cleanse, but these quickly fade. Most people who’ve completed a cleanse report better sleep, more energy, a clearer head, a brighter complexion and an added spring in their step.

We’ve compiled information about some of the most popular cleanses below. Whether you’re a first time cleanser or a seasoned professional, read on to find out what type of cleanse is right for you.
Wild Rose Cleanse

One of the most popular cleanses. The Wild Rose program combines detoxifying supplements and a restricted diet to facilitate full-body cleansing over a 12 day period. No wheat, dairy, tropical fruits or processed foods are permitted on the diet. Many people find this a great first cleanse as it can usually be performed without interrupting daily routines.
Colon Cleanse

A cleanse to refresh and invigorate the digestive tract. Colon cleanses tend to last longer than traditional cleanses–an average of 21 days to 3 months. These cleanses use fibre supplements (either through pill or shake form) and a binding agent to improve sluggish colon movement and improve regularity. Some colon cleanses, but not all, include dietary modifications.
Candida Cleanse

Often performed in conjunction with or following a colon cleanse, a Candida cleanse seeks to remove excess growth of Candida Albicans yeast. Includes a very restricted diet (no sugar or yeast whatsoever) coupled with a powerful antifungal agent.
Elderberry Cleanse

A hybrid of a conventional juice fast and the Wild Rose cleanse. The Elderberry cleanse couples elderberry juice concentrate (the primary food taken during the cleansing period) with digestive supplements. This cleanse is good for intermediate detoxers who want the additional effects of a fast without the side effects often associated with the Master Cleanse. An added bonus – the juice concentrate is very tasty!
Master Cleanse

Also known as the ‘lemonade diet’ the Master Cleanse involves drinking lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemon juice, b-grade maple syrup and cayenne pepper to promote deep cleansing of the entire digestive system. Most people perform the Master Cleanse for 7-10 days, but some have stayed on this cleanse for more than 21 days at a time. Because of the long fasting period, a ‘flush’ with salt water is recommended to keep the digestive tract moving. Be warned: the flush can be very unpleasant for those unfamiliar with the process. The Master Cleanse is probably not the best choice for the cleansing novices.

Whatever cleanse you try, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new type of health treatment and to determine if cleansing is right for you. Good luck!


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