Profile of a Growing Baby

0 to 3 months

Settling in: Your newborn is perfectly suited to the cozy world he came from — his focus is close up, his legs are drawn up, his hands in tight little fists. In the coming months, he’ll stretch out, take a swipe at an interesting toy, support his head when you carry him, and raise his face when he’s lying on his tummy. Already, he’s beginning to take in all that this great new world has to offer.

Watch for:
• His first smiles, at around four to six weeks, will seem a bit random at first, but will soon be unmistakably “real” — and utterly delightful!
• He’ll make cooing sounds (like ooh) in his second month.
• At three months, he’ll find some very convenient playthings — his hands!

Try this:
• Carry your baby. Talk about whatever is happening, especially when he looks at you or makes little noises.
• Learn a few nursery rhymes to recite, so he hears the nuances and rhythms of language.
• Take turns: Make a funny face, then wait patiently, and your baby will try to copy you. Take turns with sounds, too.
• Give him time to gaze at high contrast pictures, patterned toys…and you.


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