The whole NICU experience

The NICU was full of heart ache and joy. You change into another person and appreciate every little thing that so many parents take for granted, such as, wet diapers, gaining an ounce, opening their eyes, every cry and every sneeze. I could not be anymore proud of my son as I am today. He has came such a long way and is still facing new challenges everyday but he never gives up and I know thanks to all the support people have given me, it has helped me become a stronger person which is what I believe helped my son come this far. He has the fighting spirit, touched so many lives in many ways, he will be able to do anything if he puts his mind to it. He is proof that miracles happen.

Not the only one

I forgot that, there were other women out in this world who could relate to me, who could relate to preemie life and being in life feeling like life is a struggle. I let the negative people who sent me mean and negative tweets about my blog, stop me from sharing my story. Never again will I do that.

Ninety percent of homes contain this health risk

With modern society being so rushed, there is often little to no time at the end of the day to prepare nutritious meals for our families. Because of their super fast cooking times, microwaves have taken the world by storm. They may be cheap to purchase, but your health will pay the biggest price of all if you use this appliance to prepare or even heat meals. Because of the process used to heat and cook food in microwaves, they have been linked to cancer, as well as other nutrient deficiencies in society today.

The process of causing water molecules in the food to resonate at extremely high frequencies and to convert to steam actually causes the chemical structure of the food to change. This causes food to lose almost 100% of its nutritional value, and it alters the taste completely.

Using a microwave to warm baby formula or breast milk is also a bad idea because it destroys almost all of the natural nutrients and goodness found in breast milk, and it also converts trans-amino acids to biologically inactive (synthetic) cis-isomers. It destroys antibodies and bacteria-digesting enzymes that naturally occur in breast milk. An amino acid known as L-proline converts to d-isomer, which is both neuro- and nephrotoxic (causes nervous system and kidney damage).

Our bodies cannot break down the foreign by-products which are created when food is microwaved. Nutrients and vitamins in the food are either severely altered or even destroyed completely, rendering the food void of any nutritional value. Food prepared in microwaves has also been known to cause intestinal and stomach tumours. Cancerous cells in the blood have also shown a remarkable increase in those who consume microwaved food on a regular basis. Even thawing foods out in a microwave is dangerous, as it leads to the formation of carcinogenic substances in the food.

Chemical products from plastic, Styrofoam and even paper food containers are known to leech into food when they are microwaved in these containers. BPA is one of the main culprits, which causes hormonal imbalances, lowered sperm count in men and various forms of cancer.

Other side effects of consuming foods prepared in a microwave include memory loss, emotional instability, long-term brain damage, a severely weakened immune system, altered male and female hormone production and decreased levels of intelligence.

A recent study has also shown that microwave frequency radiation affects the heart, causing symptoms such as chest pains and irregular heartbeat rhythms.

Those regularly using microwaves have been known to experience a host of symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vision problems, frequent urination and extreme thirst, night sweats, insomnia, appetite loss and other sleep disturbances. Increased cholesterol levels, decreased haemoglobin levels and a decrease in both red and white blood cell levels have also been reported.

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Homeopathy can reverse vaccine damage

Happily, with the growth of natural therapies, even in all their differences, people are now being supported in their health struggles. With this support now available, it is becoming obvious that the incidents of vaccine damage are much greater than most government or medical authorities would like you to believe. Every day, there appears not just new reports of recent vaccine damage, but old cases too. How can you reverse this? Perhaps homeopathic treatment offers you the most hope.

Homeopathic treatment does not treat your condition. It treats you. There is a subtle difference. It was you who created your condition. It was you, your inner imbalance if you like, which was unable to prevent your illness. This means that this inner imbalance is the cause of your ill health. Treating the condition only ever treats the effect. But treating the inner disturbance gets to the ‘why’ of your sickness, the cause.

This means that even if you have been misdiagnosed medically, as often happens, your homeopathic treatment can still be effective.

The homeopathic treatment of vaccine damaged children, animals or adults can come from many different angles. No one type of homeopathic treatment or medicine will universally help every case. As with all good homeopathic practice, you and your unique and personal symptoms are the key to the best approach and treatment.

For example, homeopaths can treat the condition as an acute condition, if it was a recent event. This may involve some well known remedies. Or, especially if the vaccine damage was some time ago, an experienced homeopath will treat you at a chronic or constitutional level. This means the prescribed medicine will help you and all your weaknesses, as well as your vaccine damage. This is because it is restoring your ailing immune system, so you can cure yourself.

Yet another approach is what is known as tautopathy. Tauto means equal and pathy is disease, so, in a nutshell, it means the treatment of disease by the same agent which caused it.

When a specific vaccine (or drug) causes an inner disturbance, the same vaccine (or drug) can be made into a homeopathic medicine. The process of making a homeopathic medicine removes the physical effect but retains the energy of the source. When you take this, it can reverse the damage.

The appropriate homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage can be totally effective. It may take time to resolve fully, but you will experience good signs along the way.

Additional factors which will help are:

change of diet to a natural one free of chemicals and processed food
regular, but pleasurable exercise
pursuing an interest or passion
look to see where your life or your thought patterns are not supporting your ongoing health – this can be your job, your relationships, your social activities, your health treatment, etc

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Flip your stress and empower yourself toward health

In the legendary book, The Road Less Traveled, psychiatrist M. Scott Peck identified two fundamental maladaptive responses to stress, pressure and failure to meet the ongoing demands of life. Both of these responses lead directly to increased stress, anxiety and the myriad of physical health symptoms that follow, including depression, anxiety, fatigue, burn out, adrenal stress and fatigue, low immune system and even larger lifestyle and disease-related concerns that manifest over the course of a lifetime.

Dr. Peck affirmed that when things in life go wrong, we tend to (1) blame others or (2) blame ourselves. In modern psychology and psychiatry these two patterns are known as symptoms of classic character disorders and neurosis, respectively. When we look at these core patterns, as well as an alternative to them, we can shine light on one of the primary causes of stress related illness in modern life and propose an ongoing, long-term solution.

Blaming Others (Classic Character Disorder)
We all know the type. The other-blamer can’t seem to get it through his head that others are not really responsible for his mistakes and for how difficult life can be. What we don’t often realize (due to our annoyance, perhaps) is that this other people blamer, in order to justify his distorted perspective, must be emotionally invested in the assignment of blame.

The other-blamer is viscerally affected by his blaming. He is actually angry, frustrated, annoyed and generally stressed out by others who so consistently sabotage his success and ruin his chances for peace. If the other-blamer were not so emotionally invested, he wouldn’t even believe it all himself. This is the high stress lifestyle of blaming others – it is an emotional gambit. And it causes the same high stress that leads to chronic stress-related disease.

Blaming Self (Classic Neurosis)
Self-blamers take on too much personal responsibility. Always apologizing and wondering what is wrong with themselves, neurotics suffer their way through life’s challenges. They spend time wondering how to improve themselves so that they can operate on an even playing field with the rest of us. Self-blamers suffer from similar distortions in perspective as other-blamers, only they turn their blaming ways inward and pile on themselves.

Aside from being non-productive, the burden of all that responsibility for everything that can go wrong in life is also a source of chronic stress that tends to fester day and night. Again, the blame manifests viscerally as anxiety, depression, confusion, discouragement, fear and a host of other emotional investments in the belief that self is to blame. The outcome for physical health is no better for the self-blamer than for the other-blamer.

Both the self-blamer and the other blamer are missing something important: a genuine sense where responsibility lies. Ironically, both types are engaged in avoiding personal responsibility, even the self-blamers. By piling on themselves, self-blamers burden themselves so heavily that they become ill-equipped to do much about problems. This evasion of responsibility manifests when you propose simple solutions to them, which they tend to write off in one way or another, leaving themselves with no other option than to suffer.

What to do? This all depends on your tendencies toward self and others. Here are a few things to consider:

1. If you tend to blame others, recognize this and open yourself to the reality that you may be much more responsible. You may find this new perspective empowering. If you are more responsible, then you are more in charge of the outcomes in your life.

2. If you tend to blame yourself, step back and realize that other people do have responsibilities. They can let you down, make mistakes and simply fail you. This doesn’t mean they are bad people, but merely human, just like you. You may find it a relief that you are not responsible for everything that goes wrong in life. Others deserve some of that credit, too.

3. Consult others. Through all of the smoke and mirrors of your psyche, mixed with that of others, it can be tough to determine a healthy level of personal responsibility. Good news: You don’t need to be precise. Consult with others. Be honest about your tendency. Share your questions and concerns. Find a balanced perspective and, most importantly, move forward in a new and different way.

In other words, flip it! Flip the responsibility away from your core pattern, reversing its stressful effects on your body and freeing yourself from the chains of self and other blame. Your stress level will plummet and you will wonder where the other side of life has been. Most importantly, a clear and productive path ahead will become much more obvious.

Blame-induced stress, whether self-blame or other-blame, delivers a heavy physical burden of stress that takes a steep toll on our health. Getting clear on your particular lean toward neurosis or character disorder, is a first step toward finding relief.

Chemtrail Spray Operations Captured on Doppler Radar

This video contains a collection of screen captures depicting Chemtrail Spray Operations showing up on National Weather Service Doppler Radar over various cities in the Western US. The video describes in detail why the linear cloud formations are not persistent contrails resulting from jet engine exhaust since cirrus type clouds can not be detected by Doppler Weather Radar. More Detailed analysis can be accessed on the website at http://WatchTheSky.Org

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs, atmospheric heating and testing programs, and ocean and atmospheric experimental geoengineering programs Peterson is at the forefront of the chemtrail research field and how the unexplained patterns that scar our skies are “causing detrimental human health effects and environmental degradation.”