I won’t eat GMO Apples!

The USDA is currently considering approval of a genetically engineered “non-browning” apple. The US apple industry is rightly concerned. If unlabeled genetically engineered apples enter the US market, consumers, both domestic and international, could reject US apples altogether in favor of apples from countries where they are still produced using traditional breeding methods.

I am one of those consumers. I avoid US-produced corn, soy, cottonseed oil, canola, sugar, milk and meat that isn’t organic (organic doesn’t allow the use of GMOs or food contaminated with GMOs). This way, I can be sure I’m not going to unwittingly eat an unlabeled genetically engineered ingredient. I would avoid non-organic US-produced apples, too, if they were genetically engineered.

I’m not alone. 92% of consumers polled said they would not eat a genetically engineered non-browning apple:

Consumers are concerned about genetically modified organisms in our food because the little research that’s been done on these foods shows that GMO foods are less nutritious, more likely to trigger an allergy, and could be linked with cancer and infertility.

Please don’t approve GMO apples.



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