Nine Things Your Nipples Wish You Knew About Them

When breastfeeding, don’t wash us with soap! We have special ducts that secrete naturally lubricating, bacteria fighting oil.
After baby is done with a nursing session, express a few drops of milk and massage it into us. Let this natural healer air-dry.
Breastfeeding may help reduce chances of breast cancer. Women with a family history of breast cancer have a 59% lower risk of developing breast cancer if they breastfed their babies.
Don’t try to “toughen us up!” Step away from the age-old advice to have at us with a rough cloth or worse, a scrub brush. That’s no way to treat the girls! But please do keep us soft with a soothing balm (toxin-free please!).
Lanolin is sticky, icky, and may contain allergens and trace amounts of pesticides. Allergic to wool? Lanolin, the sebum or grease from sheep’s wool is probably not the best choice.
Proper latching will help keep us pain-free and make breastfeeding a breeze. There are lots of resources to get help, if you need it, to get it right!
If we are inverted or flat, you can still breastfeed! And the more you do, the more we will “pop out” so just seek help from your friendly lactation consultant or specialist.
Get us a great, supportive, comfortable bra. Or, if we’re really sensitive, go without one as much as possible.
Cabbage leaves really can help with sore, engorged breasts. True! Nobody really knows why, but there’s the wonder of nature at work again. Snack on some coleslaw with the leftovers!


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