Say What? A Little Breastfeeding Humor

Thanks to all the Lactnetters for sharing these substitutes for “Lactation Consultant”:

Location consultant (This is probably the most common. One woman was even listed under the real estate section in her local chamber of commerce directory!)
Lactitionist (as in “nutritionist”?)
“The lactose intolerant – I mean the lactose tolerant – oh you know, what you are!”
Breast Lady
Milk Lady
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (now that had to have been said with love!)
Breastmilk Nurse
The Boob Lady
Lactating Specialist (I suppose that’s appropriate if the LC is, in fact, lactating at the time!)
Breastfed Lady (again, could be true, but might not be!)
Milk Maid (reminds me of this picture)
Breast-est Wonder Woman
Lactating Gal
Milking Lady
Top Dog in Nursing (a compliment if I ever heard one!)
Boob Nurse
The Lactitioner
Lactating Consulting
Nipple Lady (?!)
Breast Coordinator (breastfeeding does take some coordination in the beginning!)
Dairy Queen
One husband even teased his wife about her new “boob job”!

Do you have any to add?

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