I am sitting here staring at a blank screen trying to think of something that I can put on here. Of course being a writer I know that a blank page is the best thing for creating writers block. They say never stare at one, just start writing and something will come to you.

Being single in general I think is a great thing. Being a single mom has some very trying moments. Something that feel close to what I imagine being suffacated with a pillowcase would feel like. Everything is up to you and everything is dependant upon just you. So if you screw up, then there is no one to take the blame with you, its just you. Then again when those little moments where one of the children make you proud you can take 100% of the credit….at least in my situation I can. I know there is a lot of good and with the good comes the bad. There is no way out of that, but looking at the good helps when the bad hits.

Hope that all is well with you all….

Until next time….

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