He can kiss my ass

Once upon a time, i was in love with my son’s father. In the beginning, he made me breakfast every morning. He held me tightly and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. We couldn’t get enough of each other, and when he told me what we had was “magic,” I believed him. I still believe that.

It was magic because we were supposed to make Jaden, my little king. Today, for the first time ever, Jaden told me he loves me.

“I uuvv ooohhh, mama,” he said with his tiny voice. I love you too, Jaden. And if I could do it again, if I had to do it all over again, I would. Because you are my everything (and your toes are pretty damn cute too).

As a single mom, who already have a little king or queen, can we really make room for another one? I think I stopped waiting for my knight in shining armor to rescue me.

The man who shares my heart

The man who shares my heart must be stronger than my inner strength. For within me, lives an enduring power that will trample he who doesn’t match it, no matter how weak I may become to his touch. He must be stronger than me because my spirit compels that. One who never doubts me nor my ability, nor feels the need to defeat or combat me but help me rise with him. For in and with him, I am enhanced to my fullest potential, and bring out the very best of my womanhood to create a greater man” – Donique C. Pérez

prayer for my son

May God grant you peace
in the midst of a storm.
May God give you strength even
when you’re forlorn.
May you answer the door when
Jesus comes knocking.
May wisdom guide when
your mouth is talking.
May discretion protect you
and keep you pure.
May you never stumble
or fall for a lure.
May your heart remain humble
to the very end.
May uprightness and truth
be what you defend.
May the world not ensnare
or change who you are.
May the light that’s within you
shine like the stars.
May angels surround you
body, spirit, mind.
May favor and peace be yours to find.
May rejection and pain
never reach you.
May your spirit grow bold
for what you’re called to.

My Ideal Man

Some of these may be sappy and unrealistic, but I’m a pisces and that’s my speciality. So Just for kicks….

The Ideal Man List

Someone who challenges me, but doesn’t belittle me.

Someone with a dark sense of humor.

Someone who loves the fact that I’m a decent cook but I’m trying to get better.

Someone who will let me talk about movies and humor my geeky film school theories.

Someone who has as many unflattering stories about their past as I do.

Someone who has risen from the ashes.

Someone strong enough to carry me to bed and tall enough to reach the top shelf.

Mutual Satisfaction.

Someone who loves my son but doesn’t get jealous when I put his needs first.

Someone who will let me be the mother I am & not try to mold me into his mother.

Mutual Appreciation.

Someone who can deal with my tendency to drift into la-la land and snap me back into reality when I’m too far gone.

Someone who gives piggyback rides.

Someone who likes books and music and museums and traveling and isn’t afraid of getting wet.

He likes animals.

Someone who will dance with me , or won’t get angry if I dance by myself. Because I will be dancing.

Someone who doesn’t care how I look every morning.

Someone who likes vanilla white wine and tequila shots.

Mutual Motivation.

Someone who likes paella, or at least can deal with my seafood obsession.

Someone who is nice to the waitress.

Someone who likes a little adventure and isn’t afraid to try new things (even if the new restaurant I choose is a little sketchy-looking)

Someone who won’t be personally offended if I care to play devil’s advocate.

Someone who, like me, can make a home out of a strange place.

Someone who is as brave as I am.

it’s as simple as that

“You know, it’s interesting. Children learn

much more, far more quickly than adults. Do you know why that is?”

Elizabeth assumed there was some scientific explanation for it, but

shook her head.

“Because they’re open-minded. Because they want to know and they

want to learn. Adults”—he shook his head sadly—“think they know it all.

They grow up and forget so easily instead of opening their minds, they choose

what to believe and what not to believe. You can’t make a choice on things like

that, you either believe or you don’t. That’s why their learning is slower. They

are more cynical, they lose faith, and they only demand to know things that

will help them get by day by day. They’ve no interest in the extras. But, Elizabeth,”

he said, his voice a loud whisper, eyes wide and sparkling, and Elizabeth

shivered as goose pimples rose on her arms. She felt as if he were sharing

the world’s greatest secret with her.

“It’s the extras that make life.”

“That make life what?” she whispered.

He smiled. “That make life.”

Elizabeth swallowed the lump in her throat. “That’s it?”

Ivan smiled. “What do you mean, that’s it? How much more can you

get than life, how much more can you ask for than life? That’s the gift. Life

is everything, and you haven’t lived it properly until you believe.”

― Cecelia Ahern

bitter mom

I’m not comfortable with other mommies making this comment: ” I’m basically a single mom too”. I realize there are a few women out there who, although married, are in troubled marriages and rarely see their partners let alone share the responsibility of a child. However, I haven’t met one of those yet but I have heard this annoying comment more than a few times.

I believe it’s an attempt to commiserate with me but they don’t have the right to commiserate with me. It simplifies the challenges of single parenting as if childcare is the only factor. It’s not unusual that women do the majority of the childcare and, that alone, makes parenting INSANE but childcare is only one aspect of single parenting. How about dealing with issues like dishwasher breakdowns, car repairs, toy assembly. What about not being able to take out the garbage or leave the apt at all after your child is asleep. How about WORKING FULL TIME to pay the bills AND paying the bills. I am the only one who makes or buys dinner seven nights a week. I don’t get a break. I don’t have anyone to stay home while I go out and shop for myself or scrap book or Craft fair. There is no one to play puzzles with the little one while I prepare a meal or clean a kitchen or take out the garbage. Nobody to help me deal with an unexpected pipe burst. I deal with it and I deal with the toddler at the SAME TIME.

I am usually not angry about being a single mom. In fact, my situation is better than many others and I don’t often complain. However, they just don’t seem to get it.